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This grant is meant to foster veterinary dermatology education in less well-funded countries. By providing financial support to highly motivated veterinarians from diverse geographic areas, who wish to attend the annual ESVD-ECVD congress or the world congress. As a sponsor you will help to nurture a new generation of dermatologists to bring them into our derm family.
We believe that this positive energy flow raises the horizons of the whole derm community, making it bigger, fresher and richer.

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2018 Travel Fellowship Grantees

  • Svetlana Aleksandrova, Bulgaria
  • Alina Derbakova, Latvia
  • Gonzalo Pinillos, Peru
  • Nadezhda Grokhotova, Russia
  • Alessandra Perreira, Brazil
  • Maria Klucjasz, Poland

Reports from grantees 2018:


Maria Kłucjasz, Animal Center
Warsaw Poland
These days in Dubrovnik were unforgettable.
I have learned from the best. 
It is impossible to write about every great lecturer (Sonya Bettenay, Ralf Muller, Thierry Olivry and many more) but I have to mention Danny Scott.
These lectures were full of energy and inspiration. 
I will always remember standing ovations and emotions after "My viewpoint on 45 years of evolution in veterinary dermatology".
Furthermore my patients are already using my new knowledge.
But this congress was not just science. 
It was a unique atmosphere, new acquaintances and strengthening of earlier dermatological friendships.
Thank you for helping me realize my dreams and for being part of the ESVD family.
30th European Veterinary Dermatology Congress did not live up to my expectations - it went far beyond them!
Alessandra Pereira, Brazil
Dear all,
I would like to thank very much the ESVD for the travel grant 2018, as it gave me the opportunity to be part of this amazing meeting. 
It was nice to meet specialists and professors and learn with them the newest information about vet dermatology.Not only that, it was a wonderful opportunity to share experiences with colleagues from different countries.
The conference was great, excellent speakers, not to mention the perfect organization. 
Hoping to attend the meeting next year too.  
Warm regards and thanks


Alīna Derbakova, LLU Veterinārmedicīnas fakultāte

Preklīniskā institūta vieslektore 
Invited lecturer in 
LUA faculty of Veterinary medicine Preclinical institute
Dear ESVD Board members and Grant donators!It is a great honor and pleasure to be a 2018 Travel Fellowship Grantee! It gave me opportunity to visit 30th European Veterinary Dermatology Congress in Dubrovnik, what means: I learned a new things, I repeated things that were forgotten and of course, I met old and new friends. Cutaneous oncology, equine and exotic animal dermatology, atopic dermatitis, allergies – so many topics, that sometimes you want to divide in two part to be able to visit them all. Great lecturers present even complicated topics in very easy and understandable way, so afterwards everyone can apply new knowledges in general practice. Perfect- organized social program provide a favorable atmosphere for communication – where else you can come and talk with world famous researches and professors!?


So, I would like to advise to all people, who doubt and/ or feel shy: do not wait for better chance! Apply to Travel Grant and make a first step (or continue going deeper) in amazing world of Veterinary Dermatology! 


Nadezhda Grokhotova:

Dear Grant donators and all ESVD members! I would like to say big thanks you for your contribution in education of other doctors who needs it! It was my first ESVD Congress, cause, unfortunately, usually I can't afford it. And it was amazing for me to join your friendly and intelligent community! I'm sure new knowledges will be useful for my practise, I can feel it already). So also big thanks from my patients, cause all we do is for them!
Lecturers and conference was excellent! Great opportunity to meet legends of veterinary dermatology! And organization was also perfect!
Warm regards from Russia and thank you again! I hope to meet you again next year!

Gonzalo Pinillos:

Dear colleagues from the ESVD, It was an honor for me to be chosen as a Scholarship Granted in the 30th ESVD / ECVD Congress in Dubrovnik so I was able to attend this Congress for the first time from a country so far away as Peru. I also hope there will be many more times for me to attend this amazing Congress.  Dubrovnik is a wonderful city and an excellent choice for a great Congress to be done. I´ve learned to much in those three days from the best veterinary dermatologist and also human dermatologist from all over the world and got to much information to come home to Peru to teach to my colleagues and still be able to learn much more from the abstracts of all the presentations, the posters, and also from the exhibitors.
The Poken experience was also very interesting, to stay in contact in an easy way with colleagues and exhibitors of all over the world and to keep our info safe and available.
All the social events were amazing and also the gastronomy was a pleasure to enjoy.
So what I can only say to you dear colleagues from the ESVD is THANK YOU SO MUCH for the opportunity and hope to see you soon, even in Peru where you all got a new friend, if you want to visit anytime to share your knowledge you will always be welcome, or maybe in other places of the world were veterinary dermatology is growing in knowledge and importance, hope to be there with you too.

Svetlina Aleksandrova, Sandanski, Bulgaria:

What a great experience was for me the 30th annual congress of ESVD-ECVD!  

 Dubrovnik is not just one of the most popular touristic destination but also the city with one of the oldest still operating pharmacies in the world and the place where the quarantine was first practiced! 

To make a parallel with the pharmacies – how the dermatologic services would survive without drugs?! Especially prednisolone?! And even more important point how organizations like ESVD could make such nice event without the pharmaceutical industries?! It`s a good place to thank all companies and ESVD for your great work and efforts to make us feel and transmit the spirit of this congress. Staying in the drug context I would like to mention one of the Veterinary Dermatology fathers and one of his lectures this year in Dubrovnik namely Danny Scott and Feline Dermatology. The most important sentence when we speak about cutaneous adverse drug reactions is Danny Scott`s maxim: All drugs are guilty until proven innocent! 

To make a parallel with the new ideas and development – ESVD-ECDV congresses are always the exact place to share all that is coming. Thierry Olivry spoke about anti IgE – chimera. Something promising, another future weapon in the war CAD – veterinary dermatologists. 

Thank you ESVD for giving me the chance to be part from 30th annual congress!

2017 Travel Fellowship Grantees

  1. Anna Gerke, Russia
  2. Nathrada Khantavee, Thailand
  3. Tetiana Andronova, Ukraine
  4. Amirhossein Mohammaddavoodi
  5. Iveta Matuskova, Slovakia
  6. Alessandra Vierira Pereria, Brazil
  7. Mariya Bondareva, Russia
  8. Silvia Samareanu, Romania

Reports from grantees 2017:

Dear ESVD Board members and Grant donators!

My sincere thanks for the travel grant, as it gave me this wonderful opportunity to visit the 29th ESVD–ECVD Congress 2017 in Lausanne. All lectures were perfect, some topics were especially new to me, such as Erythema multiforme, Stevens-Johnson syndrome and toxic epidermal necrolysis, and Epidermal drug reactions (K. Linder), and Cutaneous adverse events in oncologic patients (L. Ferrer). Thanks to the excellent organization, there was time to communicate with colleagues. It was a great opportunity to get answers to my questions from the best dermatologists in the world, and also Congress gave me an opportunity to find a speakers for the Symposium in Russia. 

 Warm regards, Anna Gerke


For ESVD travel grant 2017

 I would like to say thank you for giving me this wonderful opportunity and experience. In ESVD conference, I met many veterinarians, specialists and professors from around the world. It was nice to meet them and have a chance to share some stories about case study. Many speakers talked in various topics and aspects of veterinary dermatology. Most topics in conference pointed in canine atopic dermatitis but atopic eczema in human was included too. It was precious lectures that open new viewpoints of diagnosis and treatments. In particular cutting edge programme, the contents of these lectures were so attractive and interesting. It is incredible to know that some human studies could apply in veterinary fields. Moreover, in oral poster presentations, many young veterinarians and famous professors shared about their research with passion, it’s so impressive to be a participant in that room! Furthermore, I also enjoy commercial exhibition. I got new information about anti-pruritic drugs, commercial testing, diet and various products for atopy. In exhibition booths, all staffs were polite, calm, friendly and willing to provide a lot of information. In addition, they offered a lot of valuable products for testing in pet.  In overview, I really love and enjoy this conference. If there is a chance, I would like to participate again. I really recommend ESVD conference, so don’t hesitate to register and join in the next year!!!

Nathrada Khantavee (Thailand)

Many thanks to the sponsors and ESVD for the opportunity to visit the
ESVD-ECVD Annual Congress, 7-9 September 2017 in Lausanne Switzerland.
There were a lot of lectures useful for practicing dermatologists, the
information of which will help me in my daily work in the clinic. I
would especially like to mention lectures of S.White,C.Favrot,E.
Mendoza- Kuznetsova and interesting clinical cases from L. Ferrer. I
will try to share new information received at the congress with
colleagues in Ukraine. Also, I had a wonderful opportunity to talk
with foreign colleagues and discuss the organization of clinics,
dermatologist's work, methods of treatment and medications used in
different countries.
Tetiana Andronova, Ukraine

Dear ESVD,
I must confess that every newsletter I receive on my email signed by ESVD is a small reason of joy for a beginner dermatogist as I am, as it reminds me that I am part of a group of such incredible minds that share the same interest. Needless I say how grateful I was when I received the email confirming that I was one of the grantees, a feeling that lasted until the last day of congress and afterwards. The quality of the lectures and the choice of location for all scientific and social events made this exerience even more pleasing.I already made use of a few things I learned this congress and I became more confident about the things I already knew.  

So thank you again for this opportunity and I am looking forward to meeting you on next ESVD event.

Best regards from Romania,
Silvia Samareanu

Hello again. It is time for feedback^

I wanna say big "Thank you" to give me an oportunity to join the world vetderm T-Rexes in DermCongress in Lauzanne this year. That was my the first real international veterinary conference and it was great to be there. I absorbed the new and really needful practice and theoretical info. I hope it would be my good tradition to visit the same congresses every years, cause now I know how wonderful they will be!
 Mariya Bondareva, Russia


Dear all.

I would like, once again, to thank the ESVD board for a travel grant. I appreciate this support very much, since without it, my participation on Annual ESVD congress, regarding on economical situation in Slovakia, would difficult be possible.
To attend congresses is ,for me, an unique possibility to learn the newest infos about "old" problems, to go to "a depth" of causes, pathomechanisms and clinical signs of derm diseases, as well as to be informed about coming therapeuticals for diseases, frustrating owners and veterinarians as well.
Always great organization, community spirit, heplful and friendly atmosphere in this congresses, are the best medium connecting people with the same liking - veterinary dermatology -  who wants to rise and improving theyselves in this field.

With best regards.

Iveta Matuskova


2016 Travel Fellowship Grantees


1 Pricopie Mihaela, Hungary
2 Kiraly Peter, Hungary
3 Paszkiewicz Monika, Poland
4 Naceradska Martina, Czech republic
5 Nagorna Mariia, Ukraine
6 Mikheev Mikhail, Russia
7 Florindo Nunzia, Italy
8 Kharitonova Klavdiia, Russia
9 Kokka Christine, Greece

Impressions from grant receivers 2016;

I'm really happy, that thanks to travel grant ESVD I had an opportunity to be on the World Congress of Veterinary Dermatology in Bordeaux. 
The programme of congress was outstanding!
Such a pity, that visiting all the lectures was impossible, that's why printed and electronic materials of the participants deserve special thanks to organizers. Up-to date knowledge which I received will allow to treat my patients more successfully. Meetings with the collegues who are as in love in veterinary dermatology as I, and with the best famous dermatologists the world inspired me to go forward in my studying this subject.
Bordo enchanted me by its beauty and hospitality, conquered French cuisine and became a zesty of the Congress.
WSVD-8 was a grand event , which will remain forever a bright page of my life. A lot of thanks again to ESVD.
Klavdiia Kharitonova

I would like to thank very much ESVD for providing me with the grant, i would never be able to attend without that! I had really great time in Brodeaux, despite bad weather. Congress was great, I got many new informations about my beloved cat patients. I liked the new info about resistency of microorganisms, that MIC is not enought and microbiology labs can do better work for practitioners. I liked the lectures about nutrition and probiotics, it is good to know that there is science behing the informations I am telling my clients. One of the most important part of congress is networking, getting new friends and I got few really nice friends. That all would not be possible without ESVD support.
Martina Naceradska

First of all I want to give thanks to ESVD that gave me a chance to participate in those wonderfull meeting like 8 World Congress of Veterinary Dermatology. It was a miracle for me to win this Grant. Thank you so much again for this great honor. The conference was excellent great meeting of all old and new friends, there were many intresting topics and brilliant speakers that talked about scientific discovery. And you realize how big honor it is - to be a part of this veterinary dermatology world be! I met and had a chance to talk with so many inspired veterinary doctors that give me a new vision of my everyday work! Now I have a huge luggage of new knowledge that help me to do my work in best way! 
Mikhail Mikheev

I just want to say that I am very happy and thankful for the oportunity of attending the world congress. It was a joyful experience for me and i have learned a lot of new things that are so helpfull for a young vet as I am. Also was an honor to take part in this event with all lovers of veterinary dermatology worldwide.
So thank you all, it was nice meeting you and hope to see you safely to the next event.
All the best, 
Mihaela Pricopie
First of all I wanted to thank you for the opportunity you gave me.
Bordeaux is a beautiful city well connectd with very good transport giving me 
the chance to get to the congress centre easily.
For me it was the first world congress, and it was a wonderful experience.Very 
interesting topics were treated to the point that It was very difficult to 
decide what topic to follow.
I decided to follow the topic that best reflected in daily practice and have 
been very satisfied with the reports of the speakers who expressed themselves 
clearly and were ready to answer all our questions.
Also, meet colleagues from all over the world has given me the opportunity to 
confront myself on a professional level with different cultures.
I'm very satisfied of the organizatin of the congress, the social programm  
"meet and greet" in the amazing Bordeaux Opera,  the evening dinner in" Château 
Giscours" and the most exiciting time was the Dr. Carlotti memories and when 
they presented the awards.Overall very impressed.
Thank you,
Nunzia Florindo

Following your polite request for a brief summary on our recollections from the WCVD, please allow me to start with the expression of my gratitude for the amazing opportunity you gave me.I honestly had the time of my life at the Congress,but the most important of all is the impact this opportunity seems to already have on my life.
Living in a rural area in Greece, in a small provincial town of approximately 40.000 people, where women are still underappreciated as equal to men,in science and business, where dewormers, inj. steroids and antibiotics - even 3rd class cephalosporins- have been and still remain the vast clinical approach, receiving this grant from the ESVD was a wave of fresh air,of this amazing feeling that a scientific community needs your passion for excellency, needs your ideas, your possible contribution to science, if given the opportunities.Thank you for giving my life a different path to follow.Every lecture was amazing, but the workshops would just rock!! And all that for free for the Travel Grant vets.
I am so looking forward to seeing you next year in Switzerland.In the meanwhile, I am doing my very best to participate in your continuing education sessions.
Always and forever grateful
Yours faithfully 
Christine Kokka.


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