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Research Grants

These grants will be awarded by the ESVD for basic or clinical research in veterinary dermatology. Applicants will be expected to propose a project of scientific merit that is applicable to veterinary dermatology. The projects are expected to be of one to two year’s duration. Preference will be given to novel proposals including the development of pilot studies, but applications of ongoing research work will be also considered. 

Types of research grants:

  • MAJOR GRANT - up to €20,000 for an outstanding advanced research project
  • TRAINING GRANT - up to €5,000 for a researcher seeking to get established in the discipline and carry out a research project.
  • PRACTITIONER GRANT - to €5,000 euro for veterinary practitioners working exclusively in private practice with an ambition to carry out research.

If you wish to discuss a potential contribution further or if you want more information, please feel to contact us: