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Support opportunities

ESVD Donation Opportunities

The ESVD is a non-profit making organization that supports the development of veterinary dermatology throughout Europe. Through its work the ESVD provides funding for both research (through grants) and educational programs such as workshops, and dermatology congresses. The Society helps to promote and finance collaborative work with our counterparts working in the field of human dermatology: research that has enhanced our depth of knowledge for both companion animals and their owners. The ESVD also supports veterinarians from geographically remote countries, with limited access to continuing education in veterinary dermatology. This invaluable work allows fellow veterinary surgeons to acquire additional knowledge and skills to advance veterinary dermatology in their own geographical region.Financial support for our work is provided through surplus funds generated at our Congresses and Workshops which is ploughed back into the profession. In addition to this funding we are always happy to accept donations from benefactors either as general donations or for specific work (see list below). 

Specific sponsorship opportunities include support for:
Events at our Annual ESVD/ECVD meeting
ESVD Workshops
Research grant
Travel fellowship grants

If you wish to discuss a potential contribution further or if you want more information, please feel to contact us: 

Acknowledgment of contributors and their honorees will be published on the ESVD website and the newsletters. However if you would like to remain anonymous, please advise us of this. A receipt with an acknowledgement will be sent to you as soon we have received your donation.