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1 Matricoti Irina, Italy
2 Pereira Alessandra, Brasil
3 Lokianskiene Viktorija, Lithuania
4 Waraporn Namket, Thailand
5 Waldoch Karolina, Poland
6 Medvediev Konstantin, Ukraine
7 Pandolfi Patrizia, Italy
8 Ekaterina Muzurova, Russia
9 Grizić Amer, Bosnia
10 Cibova Jana, Slovakia


Impressions from our granties


I am extremely delighted to have been chosen to receive this travel grant. Thank you so much again for this great honor. This was my first time attending a conference in aboard. The conference was great, excellent speakers, many interesting topics, new medicines/products from companies and I am really happy to meet a participants from many countries. I was so blown away not only by the insightful topics and beautiful venue but also by the warmth of European friends who have the same passion in dermatology. I realize that the more I learn about dermatology the more I love everything about dermatology and the more I love dermatology the more I can help animals in my country :)

Waraporn Namket, Thailand