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Travel grant 2014

2014 Travel Fellowship Grantees

1 Flavia Clare Santos, Brazil
2 Fenando Chavez, Peru
3 Alberto Martin Cordero, Mexico
4 Anna Gerke, Russia
5 Tina Kotnik, Slovenia
6 Natalija Milcic Matic, Serbia
7 Iva Mayer, Chroatia
8 Alessandra Pereira, Brazil
9 Laura Udraite, Lithuania

Impressions from our granties 2014

Dear Board of ESVD, my colleagues and friends,
as a recipient of this year's Travel grant I am happy that I have the opportunity to gratefully thank for the support. I am working at Veterinary faculty of Ljubljana and have been a member of ESVD for years. Since economy depression in my state is still not over and consequently my faculty couldn't cover the complete costs of attending the Congress it was of a big help that I've been granted. Helped by the grant I've been able to cover not only the travel costs but partly also the costs of the hotel.
Attending the Annual ESVD / ECVD congress is not only obligatory for everyone that wants to run a quality clinical dermatology practice, but also a great pleasure. Attending the highest quality lectures, meeting colleagues from all over the world and socialize at professionally prepared events has been a tradition of Annual meetings already for a long time. The congress in Salzburg was no exception. By deciding to be a part of it you cannot miss and cannot be missed! To everyone that didn't decide yet, and amongst them there are our students, I shall strongly recommend to become a part of this great and friendly Dermatology family.

Thank you once again,

Tina Kotnik, Slovenia

Dear all,
I would like to say thank you for the provided ESVD travel Grant and for  the  opportunity to participate in the 27th annual congress of the ESVD-ECVD. It was my first congress and I am really impressed by the amount and the quality of the information I have got there. The topics of the lectures were needful and interesting, the lecturers were awesome. Besides that, I had the opportunity to meet a lot of new interesting people, colleagues from different countries, making new friends and share experiences. The social events were great! The perfect way to relax after the lectures and to communicate with the dermatology people in a even more relaxed environment. Salzburg is a cozy and beautiful city and I was more than happy to be there.


Thank you for unforgettable atmosphere of the congress and I am looking forward for the next meeting in Krakow!

Laura Udraite - Vovk, Lithuania


Dear ESVD Board members and Grant donators!
My sincere thanks for the travel grant, as it gave me this wonderful opportunity to visit the 27th ESVD–ECVD Congress 2014 in Salzburg.
It was a good chance for me to listen excellent speakers to learn something new. All new information that I got out here I will use in my practice and will introduce to colleagues in my country. I also met new colleagues and speakers, who had willing to share their experiences. I’m very glad that the Proceedings Book contains abstracts of all reports, because I couldn’t be in several auditoriums, at the same time. I saw the excellent organization of the Congress, and I would like to use my experience in the organization of the Annual dermatological symposiums in my country. All lectures were perfect; the most useful for my practice have been reports of Elizabeth Mauldin about scaling disorders and about the basics of skin biopsy, and also report of Monika Welle about Hair cycle disorders. I real enjoyed from “Case presentations of weird alopecias” - joint report of Elizabeth Mauldin / Hilary Jackson / Craig Griffin and “Clinicopathologic Correlations”- joint report of Hilary Jackson / Monika Linek.
Special thanks to Ana Rostaher for her attention and warm emails.
I hope to meet you all in Krakow next year.
Warm regards, Anna Gerke