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Travel grant 2013

2013 Travel Fellowship Grantees

14 grants, totaling 8400 Eur

1 Porfirio Trapala Arias, Mexico
2 Guillermina Manigot, Argentina
3 Alejandro Blanco, Argentina
4 Fenando Chavez, Peru
5 Yun Hsia Hsiao ,Taiwan
6 Kallahalli Umesh, India
7 Flavia Clare Santos, Brasil
8 Laureano Rodriguez Beltran, Colombia
9 Iis Sulistiyani, Indonesia
10 Iveta Matuskova, Slovakia
11 Natalija Hercog-Gerbec, Slovenia
12 Natalija Ignatenko, Ukraina
13 Oksana Viugina, Russia
14 Iva Mayer, Chroatia

Impressions from our granties 2013

Dear ESVD Board members and the travel grant donors,
my sincere thanks to ESVD board  and Grant donors for supporting me with the
travel grant  to attend the fantastic 2013 ESVD meeting. Spectacular
venue, intresting topics and absolutly great speakres made this cogress
one of the best that I ever attend. It was great honor to learn  from and
talk with leaders in veterinary dermatology like prof. Olivry, prof.
Muller  and others. I came home with  many ideas how to improve my my
daily practice and how much about dermatology I still have to learn.
Besides learning from the  fantastic speakers, it was great feeling to
meet so many people that are "in love" with veterinary dermatology.
Looking foward  to see you all in Salzburg next year.
Warm regards
Iva Mayer

Dear ESVD board members and grant donors,
Thank you so much for the travel grant. To participate at this congress is a great honor for me. I had a chance to learn more and broaden my knowledge about how to make a step by step dermatological approach, to make a better diagnosis with a lots of cases samples. I have met lots of veterinarians from all around the world with the same passion and interest and was able to broaden my personal and professional network. I really enjoyed this congress. In addition, I also learned more about many dermatological products which we can use in dermatology, although unfortunately we still don't have many in Indonesia. I hope I can bring this basic knowledge to Indonesia and share it with all my colleagues, so we can provide a better service for the animals and owners. My wish is that Indonesian veterinarians also will improve their dermatological knowledge and with time we can go for the advanced level.
Once again, thank you so much for this opportunity, hopefully I can go to next ESVD annual congress 2014 in Austria.
Greetings from Indonesia,
Iis sulistiyani

Dear colleagues, 
I feel honored and grateful for having been granted to attend such an event! The academic quality and detail-oriented organization of the venue demonstrate there is a world-class team behind this.
I would like to give special thanks to Luc Beco, Thierry and Steve for making this possible. And to Ana for having kept every detail in order and making it easy for us participants.  
Be sure that all the knowledge and lessons learned will be spread in Colombia throughout my daily professional practice and in the academic field.

I would like to thank all the organizing committee for this extraordinary Congress and also I would extend my gratefulness to all those involved in choosing us to become the grant recipients and lastly but just because is a matter of writing order...  the donors. It has been a great opportunity to attend a meeting of this level and excellent location too. It was so international that I forgot that I was in España (even that I speak Spanish, I am from Peru). I will spread what I have learned here to the my fellow colleagues and students.
It has been an opportunity to meet new "dermoids" and of course a great way to meet old friends again.
Fernando Chávez
Lima, Perú

Dear grant donors, organizers and ESVD board
 Thank you so much for taking care of the scholarship program, and thanks to all sponsors who helped us reach this goal.
It has been an amazing experience for me, and I am taking back home a lot of quality education that will help me improve my daily practice, and will certainly expand to my colleagues too. It is always enriching for me, to talk to colleagues from different countries, and exchange experiences and ideas. Something good always comes up atfer such things. It is, - at least to me, a brainstorming experience.
The exhibition was fantastic and I had the opportunity to see what s going on in veterinary dermatology products worldwide, even though those products are not available to me.
The venue was an excellent choice, so were all events that were organized. The local team also needs to be aknowledged for finding such good places for the evenings and all the support and organization.
Warm regards and thanks,
 Guille Manigot 

Dear ESVD Board members and travel grant donors,
Firstly, my sincere thanks to ESVD board and Grant donors for supporting me with the travel grant to attend this fantastic 2013 ESVD meeting. Kudos to the organizing committee for executing this event so perfectly in the spectacular venue, which was very spacious and relaxing. The topics  were aptly selected with right speakers on all the days considering interest of fresh graduates, general practice and board certified specialists. The interactive sessions and controversies in dermatology were equally engaging and interesting. Besides learning from the fantastic speakers, it was great feeling to meet some of my old friends, colleagues and “Gurus”.  As usual, Dr Olivry’s  evidence based derm lectures were superb with “punching” take home messages. I also enjoyed laser therapy, although it is out of our reach at present in my country. I was able to meet and  make network of leading derms, whom I would like to invite to support our regular CE and workshops for south asian vets. This meeting has strengthened my current role to enhance quality of derm practice and pet care in south asian countries. Thanks again to all of you (Perfectionist Dr Beco and bubbly Dr Rostaher) for making us so special and helping to spread derm knowledge and “best practice”  globally.

Hoping to attend the meeting next year too 
Kallahalli Umesh