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Travel Grant 2012

2012 Travel Fellowship Grantees

6 grants, totaling 9000 Eur

1. Natalja Cipustanova, Latvia
2. Natalija Milcic Matic, Serbia
3. Otakar Novak, Czech Republic
4. Robert Popa, Romania
5. Noemi Tarpataki, Hungary
6. Milos Urban, Czech Republic

Impressions from our granties 2012

Dear Sponsors,

Thank you very much for the travel grant that allowed me to be a part of the Seventh World Congress of Veterinary Dermatology in Vancouver. The organization of the Congress was excellent, lecture room spacious, well ventilated, with good sound and visibility from every spot.  Most of the presentations were excellent, I learned a lot, especially some new diagnostic and treatment procedures. Main problem was that I couldn’t be in 3 different places, at the same time. I really enjoyed Otitis session, where I gathered many practical information. All lecturers very patiently answered our questions after the lecture or during the break. Also, I had opportunity to talk to my colleagues from other East European countries, and to find out that we share same problems considering additional education, working conditions, owner compliance and adequate compensation for our examination. It was a great opportunity for me not just to acquire additional knowledge, but also to see how good presentation should look like and the way to be presented. This will help me in my future work at the University with the students and in the clinic.

Once again, thank you for this great experience
Natalija Cipustanova

Thanks to the travel grant, I have been able to visit the Seventh World Congress of Veterinary Dermatology in Vancouver.  In the welcoming atmosphere of the Convention Centre in Coal Harbour, a great deal of priceless presentations took place. I have participated in many presentations of CE comprehensive and CE advanced. With great interest have I visited the feline program and I found the SOA presentation most engaging. I have also given a short visit to the equine programe and the CPC. It is a great pity I was not able to participate in many other presentations. Since this was my first  time visiting Canada, I very much enjoyed the social program-From Sea to Sea:A Canada Evening, and my stay in Vancouver in general with its friendly and international atmosphere. The congress enabled me to enhance my  knowledge in the field of veterinary dermatology and has opened new horizons, which I can use in the future and pass on to my collegues in the Czech Republic. Once again I ´d like to thank all the wonderful sponsors who have given me this thrilling opportunity, which has enabled me to attend this invaluable congress.

Otakar Novák

A week in Vancouver

I express my thanks to ESVD for the travel grant enabling me to take part at the 7WCVD in Vancouver from 24 to 28 July 2012. The first occasion to meet my “dermoid” friends was on the “Arrival Meet and Great”. It was a great pleasure to meet my “old” friends 10 months after meeting in Brussels. On the congress it was really difficult to choose the lectures to be attended, because there were parallel lectures and/or lecturers I wanted to listen to. Personally, I am really interested in immunology and in atopic dermatitis, so I was pleased to hear the excellent lectures of those topics. It is a wonderful experience to hear living lectures, the words, the half sentences, remarks and comments of the most famous dermatologists from all over the world who usually present evidence-based medicine at a very high level of recommendation (evidence from meta-analysis or systematic reviews). Still they add their own experiences which sometimes are the most important and interesting information for me.

At the final social occasions: “From Sea to Sea – A Canada Evening” and the “Gala Dinner” I always feel that we are a big family in which I can be one of the members from the small Hungary. Great thanks to all the organizers, lecturers, sponsors, for the travel grant for this magnificent experience and thanks to my family that I could enjoy and learn a lot on the 7WCVD!

Noemi Tarpataki