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Research Grants guidelines

  • Number of pages listed are maximum numbers. Shorter proposals are acceptable and welcomed.
  • Please note that the ESVD society is not in a position to support the costs of institutional overhead, therefore do not include it. 
  • Along with the body of the proposal, as a separate document, should be one copy of the curriculum vitae of each of the principal investigators.

Section 1 (one page maximum)
Title page should include the project title, the name and title of the investigator, the institute at which the research will be performed, and the dates of the proposed project period.
Section 2 (one page maximum)
i) Provide a brief abstract with clearly stated objectives and the importance of the research, the experimental design and the methods used for achieving the stated objectives.
ii) Specific aim(s): State in general terms the long-term objective(s) and the hypothesis to be tested.
Section 3 (two pages maximum)
Background and significance: In this section, briefly review the background for the present proposal.
Section 4 (two pages maximum)
Preliminary studies: If there are preliminary data to support the hypothesis or to demonstrate that the investigator is familiar with the proposed methods, they should be included. If there are no preliminary results, then this section can be omitted.
Section 5 (four pages maximum)
i) Experimental design and methods: This section should contain a concise discussion of the experimental design and the procedures to be used to accomplish the specific aims listed above. This section should be sufficiently detailed so that feasibility may be judged. This section should list a brief description of resources available to investigators. It is important to discuss the means by which the data will be collected, analyzed and interpreted, and the controls that will be required to allow a proper analysis. The type of statistical evaluation to be used for data analysis should be briefly detailed. Investigators should justify the sizes of experimental groups.
ii) Animal use: Projects must fulfill the requirements of legislation in force in the country in which the work is to be performed. A statement to this effect should be included in the application. Any project proposal involving animals must be evaluated by the applicant’s institution animal use committee and a statement to that effect should also be included in the proposal. If pets are to be used in the project, a permission form for the owners to complete should be appended to the proposal. Unless animal care and use has been carefully addressed, a proposal cannot be considered for funding.
Section 6 (one page maximum)
A one page detailed budget should be included. The ESVD will not subsidies professional veterinary fees incurred by clients in the investigation of animals involved in clinical projects.
Section 7 (one page maximum)
References should be provided for Section 3 (background information) and Section 4 (methods).

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