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Research grant application procedure

Research proposals (four copies) together with a separate curriculum vitae of each of the principal investigators should be submitted by April 1st each year to the current ESVD publications and grant secretary:

Selection Process
Grants are evaluated by the grant awarding committee on scientific merit, feasibility, and usefulness. The successful applicant(s) will be informed as soon as a decision has been reached and the successful project applications announced at the following AGM of the Society.


  • Annual progress reports are required and should be submitted to the current secretary at least 30 days before the Society’s AGM
  • Successful applicants are encouraged to submit their results for publication in the Journal of Veterinary Dermatology and to present their findings to ESVD members at the annual congress
  • Payment of the grant will be made into a special account and a budget report will be required by the ESVD Treasurer at the end of the study
  • Any funds not spent must be returned to the ESVD
  • The funds cannot be used for travel and accommodation at the meeting but purely for research. However, the principal awardee is entitled to one free registration at any annual ESVD congress (this does not include the WCVD) at which he or she will present data generated as a result of the grant.