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PhD Scholarship guidelines


  • Name of University
  • College/School
  • Department
  • Name of the graduate program in which the scholar will be enrolled

Research Supervisors(s)

  • Name the research supervisor(s) and the individual who will serve as programme director.
  • For each research supervisor, provide a five-page maximum (12 pt arial) CV highlighting the education, professional experience, award and honors received, grants received and peer-reviewed publications and meeting abstracts (last 10 years only for grants, publications and abstracts).
  • For each research supervisor, provide a table indicating the name and degrees awarded to clinical and research trainees who completed the program under their supervision in the last ten years. List also their current position.

Proposed Scholar

  • Name the proposed scholar
  • Provide a detailed CV of this individual
  • Provide a 500 word synopsis of the reasons for wanting to embark upon a research career

Research Project
Append a proposal respecting the following format:

  • Summary (not to exceed 200 words)
  • Background to the problem and its importance (not to exceed 500 words)
  • Specific research aims and objectives (not to exceed 100 words)
  • Research plans and general methodology (not to exceed 750 words)
  • Research budget, and details of sources of other funding sources that will enable completion of the project.

Letters of support
Letters of support are required from the proposed research supervisor(s) and from two other individuals who are able to comment on the suitability of the proposed scholar for a research career. Please indicate the names of those who you have asked to supply such letters. Please note that it is the candidate’s responsibility to ensure that they are sent directly to the ESVD research officer by the closing date of which will be announced (

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