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PhD Application procedure

Application procedure
The application should follow the attached guidelines and should reach the ESVD Research officer ( by the closing date of which will be announced.
Late applications will not be considered.


  1. Institutions Eligible
    Applications will be welcomed from any European Veterinary School or College. As interdisciplinary research is to be encouraged, applications from non-veterinary institutions will be accepted provided a formal link with a European Veterinary Institution would be developed or maintained. A previously selected institution will only be able to compete for another scholarship every two cycles to enable the possibility to spread this award among different universities.
  2. The ESVD-ECVD PhD Scholar
    The scholarship is limited to graduates with a degree in veterinary medicine from an EU-approved school, or one of similar standing.
    As the intent of the scholarship is to improve the standing of veterinary dermatology research and clinical dermatology education in Europe, this application is reserved to candidates currently pursuing or having completed an ECVD or ACVD-approved residency
    Combined residency-PhD training: It is not the intent of this scholarship to fund a combined clinical-research program. It is aimed only at supporting doctoral graduate studies.
  3. The Research Supervisor
    It is expected that the successful applicant will join a team whose supervisor(s) has/have a well-funded laboratory with an established track record of scholarly publications and previous graduate student(s) or research scholar(s) training. Ideally, one or more of the research supervisor(s) should already hold a research doctoral degree.
  4. The Research Project
    The project must aim at developing research skills in a basic science that is relevant to veterinary dermatology. The chosen research topic must be relevant to this specialty and priority will be given to projects studying the mechanism of an animal skin disease which could later result in a better understanding of this disease, the development of novel diagnostic tests or an improvement in treatment modalities.

Selection process
The ESVD and ECVD delegated the selection process to its ESVD/ECVD PhD committee, which comprises six members, three of them being chosen by the ESVD and three by the ECVD. A member of this committee cannot submit an application for this scholarship.


  1. Stipend
    The scholarship will carry a stipend of €35,000 per year, increasing by €1000 each year for the duration of the award, together with a yearly allowance of up to €5,000 to cover applicable tuition and/or fees. The award is made normally for three years, dependent upon satisfactory annual progress reports.
  2. Travel Allowance
    There will be an additional travel allowance of up to €600 per year for three years to attend the annual congress of the ESVD-ECVD or the World Congress of Veterinary Dermatology where abstracts covering the research project are expected to be presented.
  3. Research Funding
    The ESVD and ECVD will not be paying for research expenses as part of this agreement. The research supervisor is expected to provide research funding via grant application and/or institutional support.
  4. Institutional Overhead
    The ESVD and ECVD will not be paying for institutional overhead associated with the payment of this scholarship.
  5. Annual Report
    Within one calendar month of each anniversary of the commencement of the scholarship, a progress report, detailing both the academic status and the research project should reach the ESVD research officer, who will transmit it to the chairperson of the ESVD/ECVD PhD committee. It should consist of two parts, namely a factual report completed by the scholar, and a confidential report submitted by the research supervisor(s). In addition, if allowable by the institution and the funding agency, copies of grant progress reports should also be forwarded.
  6. Scholarly Publications and Presentations
    It is anticipated that the research will lead to publications in high quality refereed journals in the English language. To support the associations’ journal, it is expected that at least one of the papers reporting research funded by this stipend be submitted for publication in Veterinary Dermatology. It is a condition of the award that the support of ESVD/ECVD be acknowledged in all publications reporting research funded by this stipend with the mention that the candidate is the current “ESVD-ECVD PhD Scholar”. As mentioned above, presentation of results are expected to be submitted for presentation at the annual ESVD-ECVD congresses. 
  7. Termination
    If there is a failure to submit the required reports in a timely manner, or if, in the opinion of a majority of the ESVD/ECVD PhD committee, such reports reveal unsatisfactory progress, the ESVD/ECVD reserve the right to terminate the scholarship with a 3-month written notice.