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Newsletter October 2017

Posted: 12-10-2017

Editor: Sandrine Herbelet       
Website manager: Katarina Varjonen
Secretariat: Pauwels Congress Organisers 

Dear ESVD Members,

  • The ESVD Workshop “Advances in Dermatological Therapy” will take place in Davos (CH), March 20th-23rd 2018, covering advances in the therapy of atopy, MRSP infections and autoimmune diseases with Dr. Thierry Olivry, Dr. Sue Paterson, Dr. Monika Linek and Dr. Claude Favrot (LOC: Dr. Luc Beco & Dr. Claudia Nett): Registration will be online soon!

  • Changes of the ESVD board since September 2017: Dr. Sue Paterson becomes ESVD Past President after 4 years of presidency, Dr. Luc Beco stays as Congress Organiser after for 4 years of past presidency. Dr. Robert Citoka becomes ESVD Treasurer, Dr. Claudia Nett becomes ESVD president after 7 years of being treasurer and Dr. Jevgenia Kondratjeva becomes the new Member At Large.

  • The 29th ESVD-ECVD congress in Lausanne has been attended by 743 participants from 53 countries. Thanks to the generous private sponsors, this year ESVD was able to financially support 8 participants with low incomes from dermatological underserved areas. Travel grant recipients were welcome on Friday afternoon September 8th for the Welcome drink and were asked to spread their knowledge and the friendly spirit of the ESVD Society:

  • Upcoming ESVD webinar on November 2nd, 2017 “Food Animal Dermatology part II” by Dr. Stephen White (8pm UK time):

  • Please find here the link to the diagnosis and treatment guidelines of dermatophytosis in dogs and cats:

  • ESVD is partnering with EERVC for their annual congress this year in Bucharest: 

  • On Saturday, January 20th 2018 the Veterinary Dermatology Day provided by ESVD and aimed for Bulgarian veterinarians: “Interactive case discussion for practitioners” will be held in Sofia, Bulgaria. 

  • SEVC is a partner of ESVD in promoting veterinary dermatology in Europe: 

  • WAVD news and European non-ESVD national congresses and meetings are available at and Please send information you would like to be mentioned there at The 4th Latin American Congress of Veterinary Dermatology will take place in Merida, Mexico, from June 13th -16th 2018. Special discount is foreseen for all WAVD affiliated societies.  

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Best regards, 
On behalf of the ESVD Board, 

Dr. Claudia Nett-Mettler
ESVD President