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ESVD Newsletter N°46, September 2016

Posted: 14-09-2016

ESVD Newsletter N°46, September 2016


Editor: Sandrine Herbelet       

Website manager: Katarina Varjonen

Secretariat: Pauwels Congress Organisers 


Dear ESVD Members,


    The annual congress will take place in the SwissTech Convention Center. 
    With its unique architecture and its innovative technologies, the convention center will immerse you in a stimulating environment, at the very heart of innovation in Europe. We have no doubt that you will have an unforgettable experience! Please have a look on this video >> 
  •  ESVD-ECVD will introduce a three tiered lecture programme:
    •  Basic level for those who want a refresher on a particular topic. 
    •  Intermediate level for those practitioners with a good grounding in dermatology who want advanced knowledge of a subject. 
    •  Advanced level dealing with more specialist subjects.
      More details on 
  •  The ESVD organizes the Uli Runge Harms Award sponsored by Virbac under the supervision of Dr. David Lloyd. More info can be found at Ulli Runge Harms Award
  •  ESVD launches the Eastern European Initiative in close collaboration with the Global vet derm group. This will be to provide speakers to newly formed, or poorly supported, veterinary dermatology groups principally in Eastern Europe. Interested colleagues can mail Dr. Sue Paterson with details as to when you may be free and possible subjects you would be happy to lecture on. 
  •  The ESVD practical Laser workshop on November 10-11th 2016 with Dr. Mona Boord, Dr. John Godbold, Dr. Ursula Mayer, Dr. Claudia Nett (LOC: Dr. Ursula Mayer) is completely full. 
  •  Our journal, Veterinary Dermatology, is now available electronically through an app which can be downloaded for free in the Apple App store. Important: the login for the App is the library user name and password.



  •  WAVD announces a press release regarding the Clinical Consensus Guidelines, a summary of which was presented at WCVD8, at


  •  Sydney, Australia has been awarded the 9th World Congress of Veterinary Dermatology to be held from 22-24th (Thursday-Saturday) October 2020. 


  • SEVC is a partner of ESVD in promoting veterinary dermatology in Europe: SEVC.




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Best regards, 

On behalf of the ESVD Board, 

Dr. Sue Paterson 
ESVD President