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ESVD Newsletter N°32, April 2015

Posted: 26-04-2015

Editor: Sandrine Herbelet       
Website manager: Ana Rostaher           
Secretariat: Pauwels Congress Organisers

Dear ESVD Members,

Our beloved Veterinary Dermatology colleague Dr. Didier Carlotti will be remembered during the upcoming ESVD-ECVD congress in Krakow. If you would like to make a warm speech for Didier, please contact Dr. Sue Paterson:

•    We are seeking for two new colleagues on Board. Please send your CV + application letter to Dr. Sue Paterson by June 30th:

•    Please become a sponsor: we are searching for travel grant sponsors! More information >>

•    You can apply for the 2015 travel grant (more information >>). The deadline is May 31st, 2015.

•    ESVD will launch an ESVD Nurse Program with subsequent official recognition as a Veterinary Dermatology Nurse. Please send any suggestion for this training and criteria that should be met to Dr. Sue Paterson:

•    The webinar on “Parasitism and skin diseases in the horse” by Dr. Andy Durham is now online in the login member area. Sharing passwords is registered by our website software and will lead to withdrawal of ESVD membership.

•    Please find here a beautiful overview of the past ESVD-ECVD congress in Salzburg, click here >>

•    For the Ulli Runge Harms Award, the deadline is 24th of July 2015. More information >>

•    The ESVD Dermatopathology Workshop will be held from June 16th- 19th  2015 in the Palazzo Trecchi, Cremona, Italy: with Verena Affolter, Elizabeth Mauldin, and Paola Roccabianca. Thanks to ECVD: €500 registration fee for residents. For further information: Erika Taravella at Only three places left! Information and registration >>

•    The ESVD Immunology Workshop will take place on November 25th-27th 2015 at the National Railway Museum, York, UK.
(Local Organiser: Susan Paterson).

•    Visit our new webinar page >>  and updated web library

•    SEVC is a partner of ESVD in promoting veterinary dermatology in Europe. More information >>

•    All European non-ESVD national congresses and meetings are available at >>. Please send information you would like to be mentioned there at

•    The Abstract Submission Process for the 8th World Congress of Veterinary Dermatology, in Bordeaux, France is now available at >>
Abstract submission deadlines: July 1st, 2015: Supporting Original Studies and October 1st, 2015: Free Communications and Posters

•    For the Ulli Runge Harms Award, Hugo Schindelka Award and ECVD residency vacancies, please check >>. Job vacancies can be found under “news” at, main page.

For questions concerning the content or messages (2 sentences max.) to be put in the following Newsletter, please contact

Best regards,
On behalf of the ESVD Board,
Dr. Sue Paterson