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Hugo Schindelka Award

The World Association for Veterinary Dermatology invites nominations
for the Hugo Schindelka Award, 2016.

The award commemorates initiation of the scientific approach to veterinary dermatology and its
establishment as a discipline in 1903 by Dr Hugo Schindelka,
a teacher at the Vienna Veterinary School.
It is presented every four years at the World Congress of Veterinary Dermatology.

The next award will be made atthe 8th World Congress of Veterinary Dermatology
which will be held in Bordeaux, France, from May 31st - June 4th 2016.

The award, a medal and monetary prize, recognises excellence in scholarship and publication in veterinary dermatology.

Details of the award, the submission process and official nomination
forms are available on the WAVD web site ( and
must be received by 28th February 2015.