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Young Members Subcommittee and New Countries Subcommittee

The Young Members Subcommittee was established by Chiara Noli, Anette v. Jassies, Sylvia Wilhelm and Silvia Auxilia in 2009 and the New Countries Subcommittee was established by Aiden Foster in the same year. During 2009-2011 the Young Members Subcommittee and New Countries Subcommittee successfully collected over 160 contacts within different Western and Eastern European countries, named ESVD Ambassadors. These two subcommittees merged in the autumn of 2011.

The idea behind both subcommittees was to identify ambassadors able to contact newveterinarians and final year veterinary students interested in Veterinary Dermatology (VD) and to involve them in ESVD activities. Most of these Ambassadors were either existing ESVD members (mostly leaders of national VD groups) or veterinary dermatologists working in different universities in Europe. New contacts,especially within Eastern European and Russian universities were established. Ambassadors were contacted twice a year with flyers and various online materials promoting ESVD activities. Lucia Panakova is now in charge of the coordination of new projects with an aim: The promotion of Veterinary Dermatology in eastern countries and to the young vets.