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ESVD provides its members with free webinars with two to three arranged each year. These webinars have 100 live seats where attending members can ask questions of the speakers immediately after the presentation. Speakers are choosen based on their expertise in the presented subject. Levels of presentation go from basic to specialist. Webinars will be based on practical subjects or more advanced research topics.

Suggestions for webinar subjects can be sent to :


Previous webinars:     

  • Atopic Dermatitis (Dr. Peter Hill)
  • Parasitism and skin diseases in the horse (Dr. Andy Durham)
  • Thinking styles - strategies for  effective learning and clinical reasoning (Dr. Jill Maddison)
  • Dermatology of guinea pigs and rabbits, given by Dr Molly Varga
  • Update on Leishmaniosis, Dr Manolis Saridomichelakis
  • Large animal dermatology I, Dr Stephen White
  • Large Animal Dermatology II, Dr Stephen White
  • Canine Leishmaniosis part 2, Dr Manolis Saridomichelakis
  • Preparing a publication on a veterinary topic, Dr Aiden Foster, Wiley
  • Pattern Analysis I, Histopathology Monica Welle
  • Pattern Analysis II, Histopathology Monica Welle
  • Statistics, Ralph Mueller




Upcoming webinars:

MRSA / MRSP: Insights from the microbiology lab and molecular testing that can help patient management 

Join us for a webinar on May 07, 2019 at 7:00 PM BST. with Dr Anette Loeffler


Local and systemic anti-fungal therapy for dermatophytosis in dogs and cats  

Tuesday 21st May at 7pm GMT with Dr Kim Coyner



Webinar recordings are available in the login area >>