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Notes Sofia Conference January 2018

The Veterinary Dermatology Day of ESVD was organized for the first time in Bulgaria. The one day event was very well planned and lots of colleagues attended from all over the country. The city and the location were convenient for everyone – the local organizers and the sponsors took great care of all the details in order to make the event pleasant and useful.

Me and all the colleagues that I discussed with, particularly loved the case   oriented type of the presentations. This is exactly what the practitioner would expect from attending such a meeting – to see different cases and how they were treated. Especially in the dermatology it is much easier to remember and to learn things when they are connected with a particular case  and shown with lots of pictures. 

All the lecturers took care to present interesting cases and everyday cases that we all see and sometimes struggle with their treatment.

It is very rewarding to be able to learn from the best veterinarians in the dermatology field ,and as we say in Bulgaria “to set our watch right”.

Katarina Varjonen, Luc Beco, Sue Paterson, Claudia Nett-Mettler, Lucia Panakova , Robert Cikota and Jevgenija Kondratjeva all took care to share with us their knowledge in and easy to understand  way. They all had very practical approach in treating their cases , but I particularly loved the recipe about adding Cortavance to Otodine – credits to Sue Paterson!.

Sandrine Herbelet presented the ESVD and all the events and congresses that are coming soon as well as the possibility for travel grants – a great initiative for our Eastern European Countries! I really hope there will be colleagues to apply for this grant.

I’m sure we all left this conference with more knowledge and passion for dermatology ! We are looking forward to other events like this organized by ESVD !     

Dr. Nadia Kostadinova, Bulgaria 


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Cases Luc Beco

Cases Robert Cikota

Cases Jevgenija Kondratjeva 

Cases Claudia Nett-Mettler 

Cases Lucia Panakova

Cases Sue Paterson 

Cases Katarina Varjonen, part 1/2 and part 2/2