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Each candidates nominations should be supported by at least 3 ESVD members.

Meritorious achievement: Leadership and service that affirms an uncommon and sustained dedication to dermatology in the goals of the ESVD are of primary consideration. In most cases, the honorary membership is bestowed as recognition for a lifetime of dedication and distinguished service. Age: There is no set age. In most cases, those who have experienced a meritorious career will be in the senior age group, but it is possible that an exception might occur, so it is preferred not to state an absolute figure. In most cases, individuals selected are 65 years of age or older.

Board membership: Having previously held a prominent office in the ESVD board is not a determining factor. The honorary membership should be bestowed upon individuals on behalf of the field of dermatology, and should not necessarily be based on one's society political involvement.

Selection process
The decision for granting honorary membership rests with the board of directors. The board must have the freedom to respond on the basis of each individual candidate's merits.