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Reports from meetings

30th Annual Congress, September 2018, Dubrovnik - Croatia

29th Annual Congress, September 2017, Lausanne- Switzerland

28th Annual Congress, September 2015, Krakow- Poland

27th Annual Congress, September 2014, Salzburg - Austria

26th Annual Congress, September 2013, Valencia - Spain


25th Annual Congress, 8-10 September 2011, Brussels - Belgium

Our ESVD-ECVD congress in the Square Meeting Center was a very successful event with around 650 participants coming from 43 different countries. Some of you have travelled around the world to join us. I am thinking of people travelling from Japan, China, Peru, United States of America, Australia, Philippines etc. Here is proof that this congress will be a wonderful opportunity for meeting colleagues from all over the world in a friendly atmosphere for sharing scientific and cultural experiences.
You had also the opportunity to enjoy the welcome reception in the wonderful City Hall located in the most beautiful square in the world: the “Brussels Grand place”, the dinner and dance in the Theater of the Plaza Hotel and for some of you the evening in the Atomium.

On behalf of the congress organization I would like to thank most sincerely:
• My colleagues and friends from the ECVD and especially to Rosario Cerundolo who prepared a very nice scientific programme.
• Jacques Fontaine, Sophie Vandenabeel and Jan Declercq from the local organizing committee.
• The International Society of Veterinary Dermatopathology (ISVD) and the Veterinary Wound Healing Association (VWHA) boards for their collaboration in this event.
• Our LTPs (ICF, Merial and Royal Canin) for having taken care of the organization of the pre-congress symposium held in the Concert Noble. This support is very much appreciated.
• All of the other sponsors and the exhibitors.
• Susan Verkou and her team from Pauwels Congress Organisers (PCO) for their excellent job
during all our events.



All members are encouraged to click on the link to view the many exciting, beautiful and fun photographs that were received from the Brussels congress. These photographs emphasize the friendly atmosphere which exists between all those that attend our ESVD congress:

Kind regards,

Luc Beco (president ESVD)