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Salzburg, Austria
27-30 September 2017

The 47th Annual ESDR Meeting will be held at the Salzburg Congress Centre. The annual meeting has its own website at




Palazzo Trecchi, Cremona (Italy)

SIDEV Meeting: Therapeutic updates on atopic dermatitis

Speakers: Doug deBoer (USA), Chiara Noli (I)


Date not set beyond autumn 2017-

The BVDSG autumn 2017 meeting entitled "Skin deep" will take place in Manchester, UK, in conjunction with the British Society of Veterinary Pathology (BSVP) with wonderful speakers such as Dr. Monika Well, Dr. David Shearer, Dr. Trevor Whitbread, Dr. Peter Forsythe, Dr. Tim Scase and Dr. Phil Jones. They will cover a variety of diseases from a dermatohistopathological angle. For the full program and registration, please go to