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Eastern European Conferences

Veterinary Dermatology day provided by ESVD:  
Interactive case discussions for practitioners

How do I diagnose and treat cases with...
• Inflammatory and non-inflammatory alopecia
• Pruritus in dogs and cats
• Ear problems
• Papules, pustules and crusts
• Seborrhoea / keratinization disorders
• Nasal planum dermatitis and pododermatitis

Interactive and practical lectures will be providedby European Specialists in Veterinary Dermatology- the ESVD board members and their partners.

Date: Saturday 20 January 2018
Location: Sofia Balkan Hotel, Sofia, Bulgaria
Speakers: Claudia Nett-Mettler, Katarina Varjonen, Lucia Panakova, Sue Paterson, Sandrine Herbelet, Robert Cikota, Luc Beco
LOC: Ivelina Vacheva 
Workshop language: English

Registration fees: 40 euros 

Registration is now open- please use this link  <<<